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Online Intelligence Weak Signals Early Monitoring Radar Indicator Vibration Sensor Antenna Vibration Signal Indicator Vibration Future Mindset Delphi Oracle Info Mining Cognition Precognition Knowledge Experience Data Mining Knowledge Discovery Brain switch Future vision Trends Metrics Team Group intelligence Info sharing Mind Mapping Creativity Team spirit Group Mindset Work relationship Complexity System theory Communication Team work Multiplication Organization Mind Connection Topic Focus Future building Group Vision Coaching Super Vision Gap focused Experts Peer groups Opinion leaders Early Warning Network Structure Business Areas Branches International Markets Future experts Opinion Reason Causes Consequences Knowledge Mind Set Brains Expert knowledge Questions Online interview Feedback Review Weak Signals Measurement Combination Root cause Statistics Information Translation Weighting Scoring Criteria Info Maker Specialists Scenario Modelling Context Politics Risk analysis Qualitative Quantitative Analysts Specialists Europe Financial Crisis Environment Economics Macro Micro Time factor Future factor Factorization Separation Screening Criteria Classification Categorization Model Test Timing Rating Evaluation Concrete Complete Wild Cards Scenario Mirror Parallel Sequential Synchronization Dynamics Culture Long Time People Countries Detail Importance Life Cycle Known Unknown Pessimistic Optimistic
Meaning creates awareness, the only thing, that helps companies to survive in
highly competitive,
and dynamic Future.
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